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Additional Selected Completed Projects


Upton Town Hall


As a Historic preservation project, the Upton Town Hall renovation and restoration project will bring new life to various portions of a building which is over 120 years old. General scope of work includes the addition of a new elevator, lowering of the basement floor slab by 12", extensive structural reinforcing work, under-pinning, and MEP systems.


This project is estimated to be substantially complete by September, 2014.


 Upton Town Hall Project

 Completed: September 2014

 Project Manager: Daniel Valcourt

 Project Superintendent: Antonio Pereira


Glenark Mill


As a Historic preservation project, the Glenark Mill project incorporates interior modernization, extensive structural repairs, heating systems, fire protection & alarm systems, masonry restoration, roof replacement, as well as historic replica windows. The Gelark Mill was originally constructed in the 1800s on the Blackstone River and has been converted into residential apartments.


This project is estimated to be substantially complete by November 2013.


 Glenark Mill Project

 Completed: November 2013

 Project Manager: Gordon Zaniol

 Project Superintendent: Ronald Pezzuco


122 Fountain Strret - The DEAN Hotel


The 122 Fountain Street Hotel is a historic restoration and preservation project, which will transform the existing four-story building into a new 52 room boutique hotel with commercial use spaces on the lower floor inclusive of a restaurant and a karaoke bar. The existing rooms and common spaces will be completely renovated and modernized while preserving historic elements of the building.


Pezzuco Construction, Inc. has been retained as the Construction Manager (CM) for this project based on our previous experience with various historic preservation projects, competitive pricing, as well as our managerial team in place.


This project is estimated to be substantially completed by October 2013.


 122 Fountain Street Hotel

 Completed: January 2014

 Project Manager: John Alsfeld


East Matunuck Beach Pavilion

As a LEED Silver project, the East Matunuck Beach Pavilion will serve the visitors of the beach while being environmentally friendly.


During the construction of the project, 95% of the waste materials will be recycled. Once the building is completed, a composting toilet system will reduce all effluent waste by 95% for the lifetime of the building.


The new pavilion is designed to maintain a "Net Zero" status, meaning all electricity will be generated on-site. To create this electricity, photovoltaic panels & solar heating panels will be installed on the roof of the structures. In addition to the panels a 10k wind turbine will be installed on the site.

 East Matunuck State Beach

 Completed: May 2012

 Project Manager: Daniel Valcourt

 Project Superintendent: Antonio Pereira


Phoenix Apartments

Phoenix Apartments is a scattered site development consisting of 26 buildings.


Work inside each building varied, and included asbestos removal, lead abatement, building demolition, concrete foundations, new wood frames, gut rehab construction, various energy star requirements, and two DER (deep energy retrofit) buildings. 


Also incorporated into the project scope is an underground infiltration system with a tree filter box that keeps storm water onsite. This eco-friendly infiltration system eliminates the need to drain storm water into the existing city drainage system.

 Phoenix Apartments, Cranston, RI

 Completed: August 2013

 Project Manager: Daniel Valcourt

 Deputy Project Manager: John E. Alsfeld

 Project Superintendents: Antonio Pereira; Charlie Martino, Patrick Conway III


35 Weybosset Street Façade

The Weybosset Street Façade project encompasses the removal of the existing steel shoring along Weybosset Street being relocated to the rear of the façade.


This will allow for the much needed front sidewalks to be opened for pedestrian traffic. In order to remove the massive steel bracing, Pezzuco Construction and its subcontractors had to form and pour new footings, piers and grade beams to support the new steel bracing. Along with the new concrete work, there is new structural steel bracing and masonry walls.


 35 Weybosset Street Providence, RI

 Completed: October 2012

 Project Manager: John E. Alsfeld


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Woonsocket Village

Woonsocket Village is a 122 unit complex that is split into two areas the East and the West. The scope of work includes exterior and interior renovations such as new roofs, siding, windows, entry and patio doors, kitchens and bath. The creation of new full accessible barrier free units, complete replacement of Plumbing and mechanical systems, site modifications and landscaping. The project also involves upgrades to the laundry facility and office as well as parking areas located at each site.


When completed the buildings will not only have a new stunning exterior appearance, but will provide a more modernized atmosphere, but also a higher level of comfort for current and future tenants.

Woonsocket Village, Cumberland RI

Completed: December, 2012

Project Manager: Gordon Zaniol

Project Superintendent: Jim Cambio


Lower Mills Apartments

The Lower Mills Apartment project consists of removing hazardous material from the apartment building, site improvements, common area improvements, and the construction of a new curtain wall and storefront.


While the site improvements will allow for better access on Dorchester Avenue, the new stairwell guardrails, electrical and fire alarm system will make the building safer to live in as well.


In addition, the new energy efficient heating system being installed is expected to lower the cost of heating the building during the winter months.

 Lower Mills Apartments

 Completed: December 2012

 Project Manager: John E. Alsfeld

 Project Superintendent: Patrick Conway III


The Mercantile Block Project


Two months ahead of anticipated schedule, the 3rd & fourth floor residential units of the Mercantile Block Project were completed to occupancy level by the end of September, 2010.  The project achieved substantial completion and certificate of occupancy in December of 2011.


This project was recognized in the February, 2011 edition of High Profile Monthly! Click [HERE] to read the article. In addition this project received multiple preservation awards and was recognized by Grow Smart RI.

 The Mercantile Block 

 Completed: January, 2011

 Project Manager: Daniel Valcourt

 Project Superintendent: Antonio Pereira


Shawmut Villages Project


Completed in the spring of 2011, the Shawmut Villages project in New Bedford, Massachusetts consisted of additions and renovations to ten buildings. 

 Shawmut Villages

 Completed: June, 2011

 Project Manager: Gordon Zaniol

 Project Superintendent: Patrick Conway III


ISPN Renovation Project


Completed in 2010, the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence (ISPN) was another great project that had a positive impact on the community. 

Before renovations started, the building was quite literally falling apart and was contaminated with asbestos, mold, and mildew. By removing materials from the site Pezzuco Construction Inc. could begin structural restoration work. The Before & After photos of this project attest to the extensive work required to being this building back to life.

 The ISPN Renovation Project:

 Completed: September, 2010

 Project Manager: Gordon Zaniol

 Project Superintendent: Patrick Conway III


Park Holm Renovations


Phase I of the Park Holm renovations consisted of a complete gut renovation of the interiors and exteriors of 10 apartment buildings located in Newport, Rhode Island.  Phase II consisted of 7 additional buildings, which were renovated in the same manner as the phase I work-scope. 


This project included work around existing occupied buildings as well as site improvements.  The project was partially funded from The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as part of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

 Park Holm Redevelopment Project

 Completed: March, 2011

 Project Manager: John Alsfeld

 Project Superintendent: Richard Blanchard


Quaker Manor IV


The Quaker Manor IV project is complete.  Pezzuco Construction achieved substantial completion in April of 2010. 


The Quaker Manor IV project consisted of extensive site improvements as well as infrastructure replacement for the entire development.  Three new residential apartment buildings were also added to the development.



 Quaker Manor IV

 Completed: May, 2010

 Project Manager: John Alsfeld

 Project Superintendent: Antonio Pereira


RIBC Phases II & III


As part of a multi-phase project, the completion of the Rhode Island Blood Center greatly improved the aesthetic appeal of the blood center and provided a more comfortable space for both the workers and donors.


This project was was a renovation completed under full occupancy of the building.  Phasing, coordination, and scheduling were of the utmost importance to keep the building operational during construction.



 RIBC Phases II & III

 Phase II Completed: April, 2010

 Phase III Completed: June, 2010

 Project Manager: Daniel Valcourt

 Project Superintendent: Adam Nelson

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