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Our expansion is linked to the decades of experience our employees bring to the table. Attention to detail, the ability to maintain high standards, and a strong desire to provide quality service, have positioned Pezzuco Construction as a leader in its field. Through our 30+ years of experience in erecting and renovating both commercial and resedential structures, we have found the following practices that make the construction process go smoothly and result in a finished product that you, the customer, can be proud of:


Attention to Detail

As they say, “perfection is in the details,” and this is one of our favorite mottos. We do not believe in cutting corners, but in adding the finishing touches that transform raw materials into a home.


Blending of Ideas

Teamwork comes into play here, allowing the whole team a say in the finished product, thus enabling us to break out of the ruts that other company’s often fall into.



Years of experience on the job site have developed into a sixth sense that lets us avoid potential problems and keep the project on time and on budget. To date, we have completed all of our projects on budget.



While we believe in the traditional values of construction, state-of-the-art technologies and building practices have allowed us to stay at the forefront of our field, completing projects more efficiently and on time. Our in-house capabilities allow us to react to situations quickly thus solving problems to make your life easier. We staff our own carpenters and own our site work equipment.



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