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Heritage Place



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O’Hearne Associates


Woonsocket Neighborhood Development Corporation




Front St., Woonsocket, RI


59,000 sq. ft.


Completed December 2005




Once the site of a prospering mill, located in Woonsocket, the mill was demolished and the land remained vacant. The project transformed the 4+ acre site into a mixed-use development consisting of approximately twenty thousand square feet of commercial space to include restaurants and shops along with another forty-seven units of residential living. Heritage Place is now a jewel and model development.


Fulfill a Need

We were able to provide affordable housing to the residents of Woonsocket.


Why Pezzuco Construction was Selected

Pezzuco Construction was able to win the project in a bid process.


Services Provided

Carpentry skills and general contracting knowledge and experience.


Unique Features

The complexity of this project was the removal, processing and compaction of the site soil to bring it to structural conformity; the confines of a tight site; and, an extremely aggressive schedule. Relocating and incorporating a historic diner and landmark into a new building that was built around it.


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