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Jamestown Town Hall





Burgin Lambert Architects


Town of Jamestown




Jamestown, Rhode Island


Completed September 2007


A new cupola was donated in Pezzuco Construction’s name.




Jamestown Town Hall, a Pezzuco Construction project is featured in Rhode Island Monthly's Design Awards 2008

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Initially, we relocated the existing town hall building, and then constructed a new two-story building with a full basement and elevator adjacent to the relocated building.

Fulfill a Need

We created a modern town hall with ample space for all departments in order to make employees and visitors feel more at ease.


Why Pezzuco Construction was Selected

After Jamestown solicited bids for the project, Pezzuco Construction was interviewed along with two other general contractors. We were awarded the project based on our qualifications, commendations and reputation.

Pezzuco Construction assisted the architect and owner with a review of the plans and revealed numerous cost saving ideas to maintain the essence of the building, but also retain the budget.


Services Provided

The Pezzuco Construction staff served as a general contractor providing daily supervision of the project. Pezzuco labor forces also performed the framing and siding scope of work.


Unique Features

The existing building had to be shored and relocated. The original molding of the existing building had to be duplicated to match in the new, adjacent building to maintain continuity. The transformation of the council chamber was also a unique and challenging feature that ended up being one of the most beautiful rooms in the two buildings.


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